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Where to Start!

If you already know that you want to undertake an AAT qualification, but are not sure which course level to start at, just click on the Skills Checker box below –  this will take you to the AATs online test, which is a great way of helping you to identify the most appropriate starting point:

If you are just thinking about’ undertaking an AAT qualification, like most people, you probably have a lot of questions you want answered such as “which course, how much does it cost, how does it work, which provider should I enrol with, how can I get started?” and so on.

To advise you on these questions (and many more that you might not have thought about!), we have put together some ‘quick answers’ relating to some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve come across.

Please hover over the boxes below to see where we’ve got your questions covered. If you’re after really comprehensive, detailed advice then please go to ‘The Fine Detail’ box!

Finally, if you have a question that we haven’t answered, please do call us, talk to us via online chat or email us at study@accountancylearning.co.uk (and, we’ll add another ‘frequently asked question’ to our list!)

Try Before You Buy

If you are thinking about a career in accounting and considering starting an AAT course, it’s a big step to take, so here’s a great opportunity to ‘test drive’ our learning materials (for FREE!) before making any commitment. It really is a ‘Try before You Buy!’

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