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Tour de France

Succeed with dedication and your support team

The Tour De France is celebrating its 101st edition, and today it goes to Alpe D’Huez. This ski resort is famous in cycling circles as it has 21 hairpin bends to climb to reach the top, as well as one of the steepest climbs, not to mention some of the craziest fans around.
A few years ago I had the joy of being in resort to witness this, and I can tell you that the TDF machine is a beast!!
However it is an event at the end of the race that will always stick in my memory.
Once the riders cross the finish line they head to the team base, and this year a Belgian team was situated in the hotel opposite mine. It’s odd to see the finished riders heading back down the streets as the other riders still try to keep going, but that’s what happens.
In this Belgian team their lead guy came ninth and they were over the moon. As he came back to the team there was obvious delight, but after 250km he couldn’t get off his bike so 2 people assisted him. But what got me was that when he got to the 6 stairs leading to the hotel entrance he couldn’t climb them. He had put his body through so much that even the act of walking was impossible for him, so the 2 colleagues lifted him up the stairs and straight to the massage table so he would be ready for tomorrow’s stage. Which he did.

That is dedication.

However for all the glory of the rider it was the team behind him that made it possible for him to climb out of bed every day and get on his bike.

And therein is the lesson.

For all the work you do in getting your AAT qualification, and the rewards that come with it, the glory is yours. However there are times when you may struggle, and that is when your support team can quietly kick in to help you through.
There is us – here to provide you with our knowledge, experience and encouragement; your friends & family, providing motivation and reassurance; your fellow students, offering advice through forums, Facebook etc.
So, if you are struggling, or having a moment of doubt or confusion, remember the silent invisible army of support staff that you do have. They’re waiting for the call, so they can step up and carry you up the steps, to get you ready to ride again tomorrow.