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Stop Procrastinating!

Have you ever noticed that kids are brilliant procrastinators – whenever you want them to do something they come out with “Oh but…” (in a whiny voice) and subsequently come up with countless reasons why they can’t do what you’ve just asked them to do! We can be the same – “but I can’t do this because I promised to do something else…”

There is no denying that we all procrastinate sometimes, but why do we do it and how we can stop?

Well, there are many reasons why we do this and these include:

  • Avoiding a difficult task!
  • Fearful of the unknown
  • Something more interesting/enjoyable to do
  • More important jobs to be done to do…

Whatever the reason, procrastination can subsequently cause us to feel guilty and stressed – we know we should have done something, but we didn’t. For some, procrastination is so chronic that it can stop them fulfilling their potential and can disrupt their careers. The key to controlling procrastination is to recognise when you start doing it! You need to understand why you are doing it and then take active steps to manage your time and goals better.

How can we stop procrastinating?!
  • Recognise that you are procrastinating in the first place! A lot of people are in denial that they procrastinate and this makes it difficult for them to overcome this, but the sooner you begin to realise that you are indeed a procrastinator the sooner you can stop!
  • Come up with strategies to avoid procrastination – give yourself little rewards when you complete a task, make yourself ‘accountable’ by asking someone else to check that you have completed your task – give yourself a deadline; think about the unpleasant things that could happen if you don’t do the task.

Time is a precious commodity, so choose a future for yourself or a future will choose you… and it might not be the one you dreamt of!

How are you going to use your 86,400 seconds tomorrow?