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Baby Harvey Mayne
Baby Harvey Mayne

Returning to work after maternity leave – coping with the pressures….and the guilt!

Hi All

Some of you may remember me from last year, when I was marking and nagging constantly to get work – I have just returned to work after 6 months maternity leave. Returning to work after a break can be quite a shock and I know everyone does it differently. For me, I wanted to return to work as I like to ‘nag’ people but most of all I get job satisfaction, especially when I have been able to help someone, whether that be a 1 to 1 with a student or seeing those lovely competent results coming through!

Whilst I have been off on maternity leave, I have had the pleasure of meeting some lovely mums and they have ranged from mums who really want to get back to work and the swing of things to those who are going back after a good length of time off for either job satisfaction or to pay bills to those mums who have decided to take a career break. In my opinion all of these mums are lovely and their decisions have been made on their circumstances, there is no right or wrong – it is about what is right for you and your family and for what your circumstances will allow. I think, as a new mum, I have been worried about how others will perceive me and whether they will judge me on my decisions. However, I believe most parents won’t judge you as each circumstance is different – there is no rule book and most feel like they are feeling around in the dark, trying to make the best of things.

I have just started my second week of being back to work and I won’t lie and pretend it’s been easy (as I said goodbye to Harvey on one of my Keep in Touch days, he responded by turning his face away from me!) I have been lucky enough in that I have family who I can arrange my childcare with, keeping my costs down and knowing I have that assurance of knowing Harvey is with people who I know and love. There is that bonus of knowing when I do finish work for the day and then see him I can get a massive smile (or find that I am greeted with a sleeping baby- this has been most common sight so far!) However, even with this comes the worry ‘Have I made the right decision? Will he get enough social interaction’ so we have made a joint decision to arrange some time in a nursery for him (especially as he seems almost frightened of other children and does seem to think he should be the sole focus of everyone at all times!)

I have also been lucky enough to find Accountancy Learning have been supportive of my decision to reduce my hours from full time to 3 days per week – some employers aren’t able to do this so I will be eternally grateful to spend those extra precious hours with my boy! However, I will still try my hardest to be flexible for my students and make contact in the evenings and at weekends as I know that study fits in around you rather than me and that when you are working full time you can’t always make contact Monday to Friday 9-5. Accountancy Learning prides itself on being flexible and being there for their students and I will continue with this ethos – however please don’t be alarmed if you hear my little man in the background, he’s just trying to entertain himself and maybe you in the process!

So for those who haven’t yet come into contact with me ‘Hi’, hopefully we will meet either by phone, email or face to face whilst you are on your journey! And for those who have met and been nagged by me I have to say ‘Sorry: I am back!’


PS This is my little cheeky chap (above) for those who do know me / hear him in the background!