When and how can I talk to my tutor?

When and how you can contact your tutor will vary with different training providers, however, at Accountancy Learning…

Provided you have enrolled on one of our tutor supported packages, the tutor support is “uncapped”. See our separate Knowledge Bank article here, which explains what “uncapped” means.

Our tutors do have to sleep and so they are not here 24×7!



Soon after enrolling, your tutor will try to speak to you to introduce themselves. We recommend that you use this intro phone call to agree on the best time to make contact – and also the best way of making contact.

  • Would you prefer email, text or telephone?
  • Would you prefer during the day or in the evening?

    If in the evening, this will need to be arranged in advance so that they can make the necessary domestic arrangements. They will probably phone you.

There will always be a tutor available during normal working hours, even if your personal tutor happens to be out seeing students or clients. They should be able to deal with any urgent query that you have.

Ideally, you will have arranged a time with your personal tutor to make contact.

We can also make arrangements to communicate via Skype or Zoom although, for security reasons, we would insist that tutors only do this when they are in the office.

Most queries only take a few minutes, however some can take half an hour or more. It is much easier for the tutor if they have prior warning by email of any horrible technical query! They can then research it before speaking to you.

There will normally be a tutor in the Exeter office from 9.00am until 8.30pm Mondays through to Thursdays (except bank holidays).

However, it is nicer for you to deal directly with your personal tutor as you will build up a rapport with them. As mentioned above, you should therefore agree with them the best time of day to speak if on a routine basis, or drop them an email to ask them to phone you back and to say when they will do this.