What’s the difference between the course packages?

Our Course Packages:

We offer 3 packages for all our courses: Basic, Standard and StandardPLUS. Every course package includes the following:

  • All the learning materials you will need to prepare for your exams (online and/or textbook based)
  • Assistance from the learner support team (as needed) e.g. how to register with the AAT, how to find an exam (assessment) venue etc.
  • A comprehensive Study Support Guide detailing how to approach your studies register with the AAT and book exams
  • An Individual Learning Plan (ILP)


The Basic package is a ‘self-study’ package. This means that you will not have a personal tutor to help you. For this reason, it is our most economical package!

Studying via our Basic package means that if you have a study query, you will not be able to ask us to explain any topics or concepts to you. During your course, you will be expected to complete progress tests, practice assessments and mock exams (sample assessments) as part of your learning. Don’t panic though! You will be supplied with the answers to all of these papers so that you can mark your own work. However, if you have answered a question incorrectly, you will have to figure out ‘why’, for yourself. You will also need to decide for yourself when you think you’ll be ready to sit an exam (our advice is that you should be comfortably achieving 85%+ in your practice/mock exams before you start thinking about exams!)

Studying on your own without a tutor will require you to be committed and motivated, but for those who have prior job related experience and/or are used to disciplined study, this package should pose no problems for you. And, if you find that: “actually, I think I could do with a personal tutor”, then you can always upgrade (you can do this on a ‘per unit’ basis, i.e. you can upgrade for a single unit if wished, and in terms of costs, you would just pay the difference between the upgrade price and the amount you have already paid.


A personal tutor will be allocated to you for our Standard Package. Your tutor will be there for you to contact whenever you need to e.g. if you come across a topic you are finding difficult to understand or if you are stuck with a question. Unlike the Basic Package, you will not be supplied with the answers to the practice papers and mock exams (that would be too easy!) Instead, you will need to complete these papers and then submit them to your tutor for marking. Your tutor will provide you with a percentage mark along with detailed feedback on any topics you may have misunderstood. You and your tutor will mutually agree on when you are ready to sit each exam.

In addition to contacting your tutor when you need to, your tutor will provide ‘proactive’ support – this means that if your tutor has not heard from you for a few weeks, they will email and/or call you to see how things are going (‘nag’ you in other words!) It’s important that you maintain a good study routine – if we don’t hear from you, the assumption from our end is that you may not be studying! Your tutor will therefore want to chase you for work (nicely!) to ensure you are making steady progress.


StandardPLUS comes with everything that the Standard package come with, PLUS, in includes all the ‘additional study costs’, such as:

  • One year of AAT student membership
  • All your exam fees for your chosen course
  • All the associated ‘admin’ (invigilation) fees for your course. As exam admin fees are variable across different assessment (exam) venues, we have set a ‘cap’ of £45 per exam, which should cover most assessment venues that you might be considering
  • A ‘Pass Plus Guarantee’ – this means that if you submit all progress tests and practice assessments for marking and are given the go ahead by your tutor to sit an exam, in the unlikely event that you fail one, we will cover the cost of the resit.

This package is designed for students who want to pay for all their ‘course costs’ upfront. It is also a package favoured by employers since it avoids small invoices regularly coming in throughout the course (e.g. exam fees), and allows them to budget for their student’s training.


What is the difference between the course packages