What AAT level should I start with?

This all depends on your current experience, knowledge and skills…

If you have prior experience in accounting or finance you may not need to start your studies at Foundation level. However it is worth noting that AAT studies are based on manual bookkeeping principles, and some students who have worked in finance may need to commence at Foundation to get their theoretical knowledge up to speed before starting study at higher levels.

The AAT have an online Skill Check which will give you guidance on the right level at which to start. The test consists of a series of multiple choice questions and should only take 30 minutes to complete. You will be able to see your results and the AAT’s recommended starting point immediately after you have finished. You can then chat these results through with us to decide on which level to start and what degree of study support, if any, you think you need. You can access the AATs Skillcheck here

For those with no prior work experience or relevant qualifications:



For those already in a finance role, looking for a suitable qualification: