What is the exam (assessment) pass mark?

The pass mark for all exams in 70%.

If you are undertaking an ‘accounting’ qualification your % pass mark for each exam will contribute to your overall qualification grade.

Are there exam grades? How do they work?

There are no grades given for individual exams, but you will be given a % pass mark.

(N.B. If you are undertaking a Bookkeeping qualification you do not receive a % mark and your qualification is not graded.)

Your overall qualification grade will be calculated using the results of your individual exams. Each exam has a different weighted contribution to your overall grade, as shown in the table below.

The Synoptic paper has the greatest weighting towards your final grade at 30-35%.

Your qualification grade will be as follows:

AAT Grades

To help predict your final grade the AAT have created a grade calculator, which you can access once you have registered with the AAT through their MyAAT portal.

You are able to resit any exam to improve your grade if you wish to (although this will involve extra cost)! If you resat an exam and achieved a lower % than your first attempt, your original pass mark would stand.

The diagram below shows the % weighting for each unit within each qualification:

AAT Calculator rev