What is a synoptic assessment?

Synoptic assessments (exams) are included in all three AAT Accounting qualifications (levels)

There are no synoptic assessments to sit in the Bookkeeping qualifications.

Synoptic assessments test you on knowledge and skills gained across the qualification, although one or more units will not be tested in the synoptic. This means that the synoptic will include units you will have already have sat a separate exam for, as well as other topics that are only assessed in the Synoptic.

The diagrams below illustrate which units are included in the Synoptic assessment. If you sit a unit assessment (exam) and it is a unit that is also assessed in the synoptic e.g. Bookkeeping Transactions, then you must sit the relevant unit assessment before you sit the synoptic.

If a unit is not assessed in the synoptic, then this unit may be sat an any time during your studies.

Synoptic assessments are usually sat at the end (or towards the end) or your qualification.

Foundation (Level 2) Certificate in Accounting

Synoptic Assessment FOUN

Advanced (Level 3) Diploma in Accounting

Synoptic Assessment ADV

Professional (Level 4) Diploma in Accounting

Synoptic Assessment PRO

There are specific times when you can sit synoptic assessments, known as ‘synoptic windows’. Click here to view the 2019/2020 synoptic timetable.