How quickly can I get started with my course?

How quickly you can get started with your course is dependant on which study method you have opted for and also the specific learning provider.

Here, we briefly cover how long it might take to get started if:

  • you have enrolled on a College classroom course
  • you have enrolled on a Distance Learning course
  • you have enrolled with Accountancy Learning

College (Classroom Course)

College (Classroom Course)

If you are studying via a college classroom course, there are usually one or two starting points during the academic year:

  • September each year
  • January each year (not all colleges offer this option)

You will need to check with your local college to identify the start dates for your particular course (many colleges will have a timetable on their website for you to browse through).

Distance Learning

Distance Learning

If you are studying via distance learning, generally you can start at any time of the year!

An exception would be if you enrolled onto course that is based on a timetabled programme of online lectures. Even then, usually the sessions are recorded, so you can view them offline – you would need to check this with the relevant provider though.

How long does the enrolment process take?

With any distance learning provider, the enrolment process should be pretty quick (e.g. same day to several days) – when you are browsing around for which provider to choose, this is definitely one of many questions you should ask.

Accountancy Learning

How long does the enrolment process take with Accountancy Learning?

If you enrol with us before 4.00pm during normal working hours, you can usually be ‘up and running’ with your course within 1-2 hours! If you enrol after 4.00pm or during weekends, your enrolment will be processed ‘first thing’ on the next working day.

What happens next?

If you enrolled via our online website shop, you will receive an automated email confirming your enrolment with us. If you emailed us with an enrolment form (during normal working hours), then we will drop you a quick email to confirm that we have received it and will start processing your enrolment right away.

Assuming you enrolled during working hours, you will then receive a welcome email from us within 1-2 hours. This will include:

  • Login details for our online learning platform Moodle, so you can access your course materials
  • Study Support Guide
  • Individual Learning Plan (with details of who your Personal Tutor is, if you enrolled on one of our ‘tutor supported’ courses)

KEEP THIS EMAIL SAFE as you may need to refer to it again in the future!

Ideally, print out the Study Support Guide as it is packed full of useful information about your course, AAT registration, exams and so on.

Likewise, it would be useful to print out your Individual Learning Plan so that you can pin it up somewhere as a reminder of your target dates for completing coursework and sitting exams. The dates aren’t ‘set in stone’, but it is always useful to have a set of dates to work towards.

Tutor supported course (Standard or StandardPLUS)

If you enrolled onto one of our tutor supported courses, your tutor will generally contact you within 24 working hours, however, there is nothing to stop you getting started straight away!

The first online, interactive presentation is your ‘Induction’ onto the course, which will show you how everything works, when and how to register with the AAT and so on.

Thereafter, your tutor will contact you regularly to see how you are getting along and help keep you on track with your course. In between times, you can contact your tutor whenever you wish (or another tutor if your personal tutor is away) via email, phone, Skype or other method that suits you best. Your tutor support is ‘uncapped’, so do make use of us – it’s what we’re here for!