Do my AAT fees increase, and if so, when?

Our fees do increase from time to time, but for different reasons!

  • The first main reason for increasing our course fees is because the AAT increase their fees!

    On the 1st of September each year, the AAT increase their prices for exam and membership fees. As a result of this, we then review our prices for course fees and exam sittings.  For this reason, our exam and/or courses fees may increase to coincide with this price raise from the AAT. For exam sittings, this is usually only by £1 or £2.

  • During December the exam fee (administration/invigilation element), for anyone sitting an exam with us may rise too. This is due to the high demand for sittings exams during December i.e. we have to cover the cost of opening extra exam slots which require staff to invigilate.

    Although the invigilation (administration) fee will increase, the exam cost will remain the same price that is charged to us by the AAT. With this in mind, the extra invigilation cost can be avoided if you book your exam before December i.e. incurring a potentially higher invigilation fee will only affect exams booked and sat during December!