Can I start on the Basic package but upgrade later?

Is it possible to start my course on the Basic Package and upgrade later if I want to?

The answer is most definitely “YES!”

(Please note that this option is specific to Accountancy Learning as there are actually very few (if any) training providers out there who offer a ‘Basic’ self-study package)

There are a number of reasons why some students opt for our basic self-study package e.g.

  • Course cost: the cost effectiveness of a basic package course enables those on the tightest of budgets to get started on their accounting journey
  • Prior experience: some students are already working in a finance role but would like to gain a recognised qualification to properly reflect their knowledge and skills. There may well be some gaps in their knowledge, but they feel confident enough to tackle the course content on their own without the support of a tutor
  • Graduates: students who have studied for a degree (or equivalent) are very used to studying via distance learning, so feel able to cope with the course material by themselves
  • Preferred learning style: some students simply prefer to study by themselves and do not wish to be contacted by a tutor regularly asking them how they are getting along

Whatever your reason for choosing one of our ‘Basic Package’ courses, all is not lost if you subsequently find that getting your head around ‘double entry bookkeeping’ is proving to be a little more challenging than you thought it would be!

If you feel that you could do with some help, even if it is only for one unit of your course, we will be happy to let you upgrade to ‘uncapped tutor support’, just for that unit. In terms of the cost to do this, on a ‘per unit’ basis, it will just be the difference between the standard tutor supported cost for that unit minus what you have already paid for that unit e.g.

  • If a Basic package unit costs £70 and
  • A Standard package unit costs £140

You will only need to pay an additional £70.

FREE Bookkeeping Taster Course

If you are brand new to Accounting, what you might want to do in the first instance is to try out our FREE Bookkeeping Taster course, which will give you a real flavour of what the subject is all about as well as sampling how our learning materials work.

There’s nothing to lose as it’s completely FREE, and it might take some of the headache out of deciding upon with course package to choose!