Can I get an apprenticeship if I have a degree?

Apprenticeships changed in 2017 and are now open to anyone regardless of their previous education.

The only exception is that you cannot undertake an apprenticeship in a field you are already qualified within that field.

AAT qualifications that can incorporated into an Accounting apprenticeship are:

  • AAT Advanced (Level 3) Diploma in Accounting
  • AAT Professional (Level 4) Diploma in Accounting

Please note that the Foundation (Level2) Certificate in Accounting cannot be incorporated into an Accounting Apprenticeship.

A bachelor’s degree is a Level 6 qualification. If you have a degree in accounting or finance, then you would not be able to undertake an accounting apprenticeship (as you are already more qualified than the apprenticeship level). However, if you have a degree in an unrelated subject then you will be eligible (as you have not already achieved qualifications in that sector).

As apprenticeships are government funded, this rule ensures that public money is not being spent on training people who are already qualified to work within a particular field.

You can find more information about government apprenticeships here.