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How social media can affect your career?!

When looking for a job, one thing we don’t tend to look at is our social media presence. However, what you may not realise is that most employers look at your social media profile before inviting you to an interview!

So it might be worth looking at your social media profile to see how you come across to other people. Here are a couple examples that we have come across in the past!


Believe it or not, employers don’t want to see you having a wild time in Ibiza… even though it may look like fun! You have to remember that your pictures are reflective of your personality and attitude.


Seeing that you hate your job and want to leave might result in your new job applications being rejected, and you may also get your wish… involuntarily.


Potential employers don’t want to see you having an argument over politics on social media. Being passionate about what you believe in is good, but not if you can’t control the way you handle yourself – it’s a definite no in the business world!

Personal Information

Employers want to see that you are a sensible individual with valuable information, so seeing how much you are struggling this month with only “£20 left in the bank!” only shows you may not be trustworthy with private information.


Linking personal sites to professional business sites such as LinkedIn doesn’t look good, so don’t mix business with pleasure.

It’s obvious…

But if you are not comfortable about what you are posting … don’t share it!


Fluffyfairyqueen@hotmail.com doesn’t look brilliant on a CV. We’ve seen them all here (xxx007@ being a particular favourite!). “Well, I used that address when I was a teenager and never got round to changing it” is not a good excuse either!

Incomplete Information

Never leave your social media profiles half incomplete. It only makes you look lazy!

We aren’t suggesting that you can’t post anything that isn’t work related, but it might be worth just re-thinking what you post as this can sometimes have consequences!