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Recruitment Advice And Guidance


Recruitment can be a very time consuming and expensive business and very few of our clients enjoy the process! However, if recruiting is expensive, getting it wrong is even more expensive and even more time consuming. It is easy to waste 6 months by taking on the wrong person, losing them and then finding and recruiting a replacement.

Also “You’re not just recruiting employees, but are sowing the seeds of your reputation”. Your staff can be your shop-window.

We are not recruitment consultants, we don’t charge recruitment fees, but we can provide employers some support in their recruitment processes. Here are some of them:

Job Profiling / Person Profiling

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Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment

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Recruitment Tools

(For those employers based in the South West of England)

  • We can advertise vacancies on our website
  • We can advise you on the use of Indeed (although, we can’t advertise on Indeed on your behalf)
  • We can advertise Apprenticeship vacancies on the Recruit and Apprentice website
  • We have our Apprenticeship Placement Service and Talent Programme

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NB: We only support recruitment of:

  • Youngsters looking for a career in Accountancy
  • Mature learners wishing to change careers

Providing recruitment support for those already in an accountancy role could give us a conflict of interest with our clients. 

Schools Work Experience

We were instrumental in drafting the ICAEW student work experience toolkit. They can be obtained by ICAEW members here.

The ICAEW have a lot more on their website, but if you just want the toolkits we’ve noticed that if you Google “ICAEW work experience toolkit” you can simply download the pdfs of them.

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