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Promoting Your Apprenticeship Vacancies

If you are interested in promoting your Apprenticeship Vacancies and you are based in Cornwall, Devon or Somerset (or their neighbouring counties), we have a number of support services that might be of help to you.

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Because of the potential for conflict of interest, we only support recruitment of:

  • College leavers looking for a career in Accountancy
  • Mature learners wishing to change careers

Because of the recent changes to the funding of apprentices, both of the above categories of recruits (not just the former) could well be eligible for Apprenticeship funding.

If you have an Apprenticeship (or similar) vacancy that you would like us to promote, please complete our Vacancy Template.

We can then publish it on:

  • Our own website
  • The government’s “Recruit an Apprentice” website

We can also provide you advice on how to promote your vacancy on Indeed. (The platform won’t allow us to do it on your behalf)

In addition to the above, we also run:

  • An Apprenticeship Placement Service and
  • An Apprenticeship Talent Programme

Apprenticeship Placement Service

The former is simply where youngsters looking for a career in Accountancy or mature learners wishing to change careers send us a CV and ask us to advise them on how best to find a suitable job. The latter category will often be enrolled on one of our distance learning AAT courses, but who are local. We will review their CV and advise them on applying for jobs.

We are building up a list of such applicants so that we can forward it to employers looking to recruit new entrants.

Apprenticeship Talent Programme

This is a development of the former Placement service and requires a commitment from the applicant to attend our premises and to receive information, advice and guidance and undertake initial assessment and introductory bookkeeping training – hopefully helping them to be more employable and providing employers a new recruit who has had a head start.

You can see more detail on the Talent Programme on our related website page here – albeit it is written from the learner’s viewpoint.

If you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail, please contact Annie or Simon on 01392 311927 or annie@accountancylearning.co.uk