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Bookkeeping Induction Training
(Using The Balancing Act and ABC)


When you take on new staff, you want them up and running as soon as possible.

Getting to grips with debits and credits in double entry bookkeeping isn’t always easy and it can take quite a bit of explanation of the principles to new staff until it finally sinks in. You will want to get these new staff up and running and “chargeable” as soon as possible minimise the amount of expensive training time by senior staff.

The Balancing Act is designed just for this purpose.

It is a self-study programme that can be completed over the space of a week – and is therefore ideal as an induction programme for new accounting staff, or existing staff taking on a business’ bookkeeping for the first time.

It comprises:

a. An on-line programme of interactive presentations, practice activities and question banks – to teach the principles of bookkeeping up-to.

b. An accompanying hard copy Workbook of 42 bookkeeping activities taking learner’s up-to a simple Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet.
We provide a full set of solutions so that learners can check their answers as they progress through each activity.

c. An optional practice assessment / test that employers can set staff once they have completed steps a. and b. above

(Don’t panic, we provide answers and a marking scheme also!)

We encourage employers to ask the line manager to mark this assessment as it provides really useful feedback on how well your new recruit has learnt. Some clients set a minimum mark requirement for successful completion of induction.

If it is intended for the member of staff to progress to professional accounting studies, the results of this induction can inform what entry level is relevant.

The Balancing Act can therefore provide a quick return on your investment by:

  • getting new accounting staff productive and fee earning more quickly;
  • reducing the training time required from expensive senior staff
  • ensuring new staff start their formal professional studies at the right entry level

It can be completed at any time of year, so you don’t have to wait for a formal course start date. Staff can complete it in their first week with you. They could also be asked to complete it, and the practice assessment, before they join!

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