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Apprenticeship Placement Service
and Talent Programme

Apprenticeship Talent Programme

Want a Career in Accounting? Accountancy Learning Can Help You Figure it out…

  • Are you good with numbers, computers and people?
  • Do you want a well paid and interesting career with great prospects?

There may be “no accounting for taste” but there is accounting for practically everything else!!

Every business needs to manage their finances, from computer companies to football clubs and film studios! Accountancy is a varied career, whether you work in industry or practice.

AAT qualifications are internationally recognised and highly valued by employers, so they are the perfect starting point for you to train for a rewarding career.

Find out about some of the endless accounting career choices here.

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If you are based in Cornwall, Devon or Somerset and are looking to find an entry role in accountancy, there are two ways in which we may be able to help.

Apprenticeship in Accounting Placement Service

Send us a CV and ask our advice on how best to find a suitable job. We will review your CV and if we feel that you have a suitable academic background or practical experience we will advise you on your CV and on applying for jobs. We will also add you to our Placement Circular, which we make available to those of our clients we know are looking to recruit new entrants and apprentices.

Apprenticeship Talent Programme

This is an extension of the above Placement Service and requires a commitment from you to attend our premises and to receive information, advice and guidance and undertake initial assessment and introductory bookkeeping training – hopefully helping you to be more employable and providing your potential future employer with a new recruit who has had a head start!


To download an information pack, please click HERE

If you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail, please contact Annie on 01392 311927 or on annie@accountancylearning.co.uk