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AAT Apprenticeships


The 2017 changes to Apprenticeship Standards in Accounting and the Apprenticeship funding regime have been a “game changer”.

  1. All staff could now be eligible, provided they are learning new skills.
  • There are no restrictions on graduates
  • There is no maximum age restriction
  1. Small employers receive an “employment incentive” of £1,000 for apprentices aged under 19
  2. Levy payers can use their “levy pot” to pay for the apprenticeship. Once fully utilised, they then pay 10%
  3. Non-levy payers only pay 10% of the apprenticeship course fees
  4. The new Standards require a much more rounded training and the funding allows us to do that, by adding further technical and personal skills training to the traditional AAT core studies. This is good for the apprentice and good for the employer.

Our AAT Apprenticeships are roll-on-roll-off, and so can start at any time and we can tailor their length to suit the progression plans in place.

As we are based in the South West, we currently restrict our delivery to Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. However, if you are bordering these counties, or spread across a number of them, we would be happy to discuss the options for you.

There is too much information to read on a website and retain, so set out below are a series of fact sheets explaining the various elements of our programme.

  1. Executive Summary of what our Programmes cover
  2. The key elements of each Apprenticeship
  3. A more detailed explanation of the Apprenticeships in Accounting, the knowledge, skills and behaviours that they develop, and the funding regime involved

Factsheets on the AAT training elements:

  1. Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping
  2. Foundation Certificate in Accounting
  3. Advanced Diploma in Accounting
  4. Professional Diploma in Accounting

Information on the supplementary technical and skills training exclusively added to our programmes:

  1. Detailed outlines of the additional SWAT technical webinars available to supplement your apprentices studies
  2. An outline of the additional behavioural skills training provided by Agar Management Consultancy, that will complement each Apprenticeship

We doubt very much that you will find these additional elements in any other AA Apprenticeship!

The easiest way of finding out more is to………… call us… on 01392 311927!!

We will be happy to chat it through over the phone, and if you think it has some legs, we can come and visit you to discuss the mechanics in more detail. No commitment.

We can access funding to support you both Levy paying employers and non-Levy paying employers.