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Emily's Santa Abseil
Emily's Santa Abseil

Emily's Christmas Charity Abseil

I don’t like heights. I don’t do adventure sports. I do not see the fun in teetering over the edge of the building on a rope. So, when I saw a sponsored abseil from the roof of a multi storey car park advertised, I of course thought I should take part. And then I thought I shouldn’t’. I registered whilst at my desk and Jodie will confirm my levels of wavering, self-convincing, sudden dawn of realisation and whinging “but I really don’t want to do it!”

My only experience of abseiling is when I was 11 and on a school residential adventure course. I hated it. I have memories of being forced over this cliff against my will. I cried all the way down. I lost my footing. It was the worst “sport” I have ever attempted. It has left me with no desire to ever do it ever again.

So, why am I doing it? I completed a charity skydive a few years ago, and honestly, I was really excited about it (I do understand it seems strange I was happy to do that and not this, but I didn’t actually have to throw myself from the plane, someone does that bit for you.) Since then, I feel like I have needed to do something for charity that I actually didn’t want to do, and therefore more deserved of sponsorship. I don’t support people asking for sponsorship for running half marathons when they go running all the time and love doing it – where is the trial and tribulation on their part? I therefore hope if people are aware this really is an effort for me, I can raise that little bit more for charity.

The charity in question is an excellent one; YMCA Exeter. They help young people facing homelessness amongst other problems such as abuse and neglect, aiming to provide them with support to ensure they have a promising future. There is a sad case of homelessness in Exeter which can’t be ignored by those of us living and working here, so if young people can be supported and given a safe place early on, hopefully they won’t find themselves in that position in the years to come, and can be the awesome members of society they have the potential to be.

Save 3rd December in your diary!

My abseil is confirmed for 10am on the 3rd December, where I will be descending Princesshay car park in central Exeter.  Oh, and I forgot the mention – I will be in a Santa suit! (as much as I don’t want to abseil I do like any excuse for a bit of dressing up so I’m clinging onto this factor). If you are in the area, do come along and show your support to not only me, but the 59 other people just as mad who will put their life in a rope, throughout the day.

If you would like to sponsor me and help some deserved young people get a better life (and make me more convinced leaning backwards over a building is worthwhile), you can go to my JustGiving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/emily-abseils

More about the YMCA in Exeter

More about YMCA Exeter can be found at http://ymcaexeter.org.uk/ and there may still be spots for you to sign up yourself!

Thank you for your support and wish me luck!