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Are you up to date with your AAT CPD?

Is this the beginning or is it the end?

We are an AAT training provider and have been for over 20 years.
However, I have been in training since 1984. Well, in fact I have been training and learning since I was born!

The first 5 years of your life are where you develop the majority of the behaviours, language and attitudes that stay with you for the rest of your life.

You then start formal education and acquire the academic skills to support your chosen career.

I went to University. That was in the day of University grants. Also, then 98% of those qualifying as Chartered Accountants were from University – that was really the only way in. It is very different now, with AAT becoming a favoured route into ACA in many of the medium and smaller firms of Chartered Accountants.

I also took a gap year. It seems like the only year of my life when I haven’t had exams or other deadlines. No formal learning but a lot of learning of life skills.

University was followed by ACA training. Even during that training, I assisted on TMcL’s training courses. Soon after qualifying I joined SWAT and began training accountants and providing technical consultancy to their bosses.

In 1992, I got involved in training AAT and have been doing so ever since, including continuing to provide technical consultancy to firms of accountants.

Throughout this time, I have had to maintain my technical skills and competence to do my job. Not covering all of the subjects I studied for. The words “Modigliani and Miller” still sends shivers down my spine!?! However, I need to keep up to date on those areas that affect my work, either as a tutor or as a Chartered Accountant, or as a businessman.

This training will include training and updates on technical and ethical regulations and also on all areas of business and management, including sales and marketing. It will also include the development (and maintenance) of personal skills.

I qualified in 1981. It’s now 2014. (Scary!) I had thought that when I qualified, that would be it. Phew! “I can stop studying now”. Chance would be a fine thing! It’s never stopped. The pace of change doesn’t let us rest on our laurels.


As a training provider, our principal purpose is to advise prospective students on the AAT qualifications and study packages most suitable for them – and then to deliver them, supporting our students through to qualification.

However, should it end then? Many of our clients were once our students. They now employ staff, some of whom are our current students. I have been acting for some for over 30 years. Our relationship with our students does not, and should not end when they complete their qualifications with us.

We are therefore keen to gradually build up a range of additional services to our “Alumni”, most of which will probably not be provided by ourselves directly.

One of the first of these has just been introduced.

We have just linked up with accountingcpd.net to make CPD available to you – on-line and at discounted rates. If you enrol on their courses via the link below (or from the link on our  CPD webpage), you will receive 10% off the price of the courses – which are excellent value in the first place.
In addition to this, they currently have a BOGOF offer – 2 for the price of 1 – until the end of September.
I would encourage you to take advantage of this now, whilst the offer is still on. I will!!
Simon Deane BA FCA