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Chartered Accountants South West Prizewinners 2015
Simon Deane with Chartered Accountants Southwest Prizewinners 2015

Chartered Accountants Southwest Prize-winners 2015

Accountancy Learning Continues to Support Chartered Accountants in the Southwest

For a number of years we have presented prizes to the candidates (Chartered Accountants in the Southwest) who achieved first place in the District Society Paper Prize for the Advanced Case Study (sat in July and November). This year the prize winners were:


Laura Adams (KPMG LLP)
Mark Johnstone (Thomas Westcott)


Emma Dunsford (PwC)
Bradley Horton (Old Mill Accountancy LLP)

The ICAEW Advanced Case Study

The Advanced Case Study is a 4 hour exam, with one question. It is like an ICAS/ISYS project but with Financial Statements, Financial Performance, Budgeting, Personal Taxation, Business Taxation, Auditing and Credit Management all thrown in for fun!!!

The prizes were presented by Simon Deane (Accountancy Learning Ltd) at the recent AGM of The Chartered Accountants South West (CASW) held at the Hortnoll Hotel, near Tiverton. Prizes for the other two Advanced Stage papers were presented by KPMG LLP and SWAT UK Limited.

Simon’s involvement with Chartered Accountants South West (CASW)

Simon has been involved with CASW (formally known as SWSCA) since before the ark, and was himself President in 06/07. We are still trying to establish whether that was 2006/07 or 1906/07!!??!! He helped establish the New Members Ceremony, now held each year immediately prior to the annual dinner – during which all new members stand up and are recognised (and seriously embarrassed!). When you work that hard for something, it is really important that you can see that your achievement is recognised and is valued.

A couple of years ago, when we presented these prizes, one of them went to Adrian Coombs, also one of our past AAT students. It is always pleasing to see students achieving their study goals after many years of graft. Another one of our previous students was Charles Chandler. He was taught by both Prue and Simon – and Yes, he still passed!?! Not only did he pass, he subsequently went on to qualify as a Chartered Accountant and from there (with a bit of persuasion by Simon and threats of violence!?!) became President of the District Society, CASW (formerly SWSCA). The power of saying “Yes” (or not accepting the answer “No”)!

Progression from AAT to ACA

What is important is for us to recognise that these study goals will vary from student to student. Although it is great to see Adrian and Charles complete their ACA studies having progressed from AAT with us, we get equal pleasure in a student achieving their Level 2 Certificate in Accounting. Many a student has started at Level 2, with no self confidence or self belief. As they work through their studies and their progress tests, we see that confidence continue to increase until they finally pass. Having started with the intention of only doing Level 2, they invariably have built up enough confidence to tackle Level 3 (“but I’ll stop there. I won’t want to do level 4”). But….. by the time they successfully pass Level 3, they think – “Hmmm. There’s only one more level to go and I will be fully qualified. I’m in no rush. I can pick them off one at a time”. And they do.

Students’ circumstances vary considerably and the time they can devote to studies varies considerably. A little while ago, two students completed Level 2at the same time. However, there start dates were somewhat different! Tim took 14 months to complete. Becky took 15 weeks. On the strength of their achievements, both were able to get new jobs. That was their prize. We’re just glad that we helped them on the way to winning it.