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Accountancy Learning Team at Brook Gallery

Art, Accountancy and Apprentices come together

Art, accountancy and apprentices are not an obvious match, but on July 17 they came together brilliantly! We formally launched our exciting and unique AAT Flexible Apprenticeship programme at the Brook Gallery, Exeter among art pieces by award winning artists Trevor Price and Mychael Barratt.

Guests from regional accountancy firms in the South West, enjoyed an evening of art, wine and canapés whilst discovering the potential value to their firms of bringing in apprentices, now that the government is committed to supporting a further 3 million apprenticeship starts by 2020,1 and the busy recruitment period is now underway.

As David Cameron has said: “There’s no better way to back people’s aspirations than to invest in apprenticeships, to invest in the skills that can make a difference to your careers.”

AAT AQ2016 and AAT Apprenticeships in the South West

During the evening, Simon talked through a 15 minute presentation to update guests on our new AAT Flexible Apprenticeship programme as well as planned updates to the AAT qualification in 2016.

The AAT Flexible Apprenticeship programme is truly flexible, as from w/b 14 September 2015, there will be ‘roll on roll off’ weekly afternoon/evening drop-in sessions in Exeter, Plymouth and Taunton. These sessions will be supplemented by online learning, tutor support and bi-monthly on-site visits. This will benefit employers as it will mean little or no time out of the office for their trainees.

About Brook Gallery

Now in its 18th year, Brook Gallery is one of the South West’s most established, respected and influential art galleries with a reputation that extends far beyond the region for exhibiting an eclectic, vibrant and exciting range of art by both past and living contemporary artists.

Brook Gallery has now opened a second gallery at 1 Barnfield Crescent in the heart of Exeter and next door to our very own offices.  This beautiful 5 room gallery situated within a glorious and elegant Georgian house is a fitting home for the work of a portfolio of nationally and internationally acclaimed artists. Brook Gallery at long last provides Exeter with a venue that rivals many of London’s long established  commercial galleries and in addition a wealth of experience in sourcing art and providing consulting services to companies and private individuals alike whether they be occasional buyers or established collectors.

Here are a few more photos from the event – baby Harvey and Boris the cat provided an additional focus to the proceedings!

Brook Gallery & Accountancy Learning

What some of our clients said about our AAT Apprenticeship training:

“Accountancy Learning has been providing us training and advice on Accounting Apprenticeships and the AAT qualification for many years now. We value both the flexibility and effectiveness of their training and also their sound advice on all matters training. They are not only excellent trainers but understand our business and our training needs. This Flexible Apprenticeship programme is an excellent idea and I am sure will be welcomed by many accountancy firms in Devon.”

Steven Cresswell
Thomas Wescott, Chartered Accountants, Barnstaple

“We have worked with Accountancy Learning for many, many years. They really understand our business and our training needs. Their advice and training is therefore very focused on our requirements and those of our students, rather than trying to make us conform to a standard programme. We value both the flexibility and effectiveness of their training. Their Flexible Apprenticeship programme really is flexible, focusing training time on where it is needed and building on the practical experience students acquire in the office, allowing ease of progression to further studies for the Chartered Accountancy qualification. It is a boon for accountancy firms in Cornwall, where travelling time can be a real issue for business.”

Louise Jones
Manager, Hodgsons, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors,
Launceston, Cornwall

“Accountancy Leaning has been providing training and advice to our firm since 1984 and has been responsible for the training of many of our existing qualified staff. This apprenticeship programme is an excellent idea and I am sure will be widely welcomed by accountancy firms in Somerset, as the training that the Accountancy Learning team provide is always effective and its flexibility suits our requirements down to the ground. They care, and we care that they care.”

Robert Zelazik
Partner, AC Mole & Sons Chartered Accountants, Taunton

Please contact us on 01392 311928 or email us at study@accountancylearning.co.uk for more information about:

  • A copy of the event presentation
  • AAT Flexible Apprenticeships  and course timetable

With kind thanks to Luke Mullane for all the wonderful photographs 🙂

The featured photo and story appeared in the Exeter Express and Echo and can be viewed online here: