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AAT Worldwide Exam Results Published

How did our AAT Exam Results Compare?

The AAT published their 2014 World-wide exam success rates this month.
We thought that you would be interested in seeing them – and how they compare with ours.

Results for year ended 31 December 2014 Comparison of results

AAT World Wide Results Accountancy Learning Results For the Accountants amongst you In Plain English
% points above AAT WW % better than AAT WW Comparison with AAT WW
Level 2 90.3% 99.7% 9.7% 10.7% Gosh
Level 3 72.5% 95.5% 23.0% 31.7% Golly
Level 4 64.4% 88.7% 24.3% 37.7% Wow

Since September 2013, the AAT have issued each centre a summary of the exam results each month. These summaries list the exam results for the month for those students assigned to our centre.
Our statistics above are taken from these independent AAT statistics.
As you can imagine, we are quite pleased with this. However, we are not complacent as we want our Level 3 and Level 4 results to match those at Level 2.
Also, we are not taking all of the credit for these results for ourselves. We don’t take the exams – our students do!! The credit is mainly theirs – achieved through hard work and graft.
Much of the key to success is that students don’t take their exams until they are ready. This might be after their planned exam date or it might be before it. The benefit of a distance learning programme is the flexibility of the programme. The principal stages in your study process are:

Effective Induction:

Ensuring that you have all the learning materials you need and know how to make best use of them

Setting Target Deadlines:

Making use of your individual learning plan to set target deadlines for each element of the course and allocating sufficient study time each week to achieve this. (Refer to our suggested study hours per unit guidance notes for this)

Submitting Coursework:

Submit all progress tests and practice assessments for marking and feedback. If necessary re-submit them until the marks are looking really good and you have clearly got to grips with each area

AAT Support Materials:

Make full use of the AAT additional learning support materials on their website and, in particular, complete all of the AAT Sample Assessments so you a) get practice at navigating the on-line exams and b) get objective re-assurance on how well you are doing

AAT Exams:

Book your exam to coincide with this “peak” of performance;
Throughout all of these stages make full use of the tutor support available from your training provider.
In summary, you shouldn’t take your exam until you know you are going to pass. Sounds like you’re cheating really, but you’re not!!!