My Biography

As a wayward teenager growing up in the Midlands, with a pronounced love of Art and Music, I could never have envisioned becoming a Chartered Accountant.  Nevertheless, following a move to Cornwall in 1988 and studying as a mature student with a family in the background, it has proved to be one of the best decisions ever made.  Working in an Accountancy discipline and teaching Accountancy, has by varying degrees been, challenging, varied, not without its “artistry” and belying the stereotypical personification of accountancy – always interesting.

My teaching career spans some 18 years and ranges from lecturing on degree programmes and for the last 14 years, teaching primarily AAT and ACCA.  The introduction to teaching pre-dates the career in Accountancy by eighteen years.  It evolved from the experiences of having 4 very diverse children and coaxing them (not without incident) through various schools, further and higher education programmes and resulted in 1 of the 4 choosing to follow their esteemed parent into Accountancy.

On a personal level, I still maintain and practice a love of Art & Music, walk various dogs and “enjoy” the company of grand-children, children and a husband of many long-suffering years – please note there is no significance (other than a Freudian one) to the order of priority.

Nowadays, I find the role of teaching satisfies a wish to see others achieve their ambitions.

I can understand the challenges faced by Accountancy students as the balance between work, study and family life can be a challenging one to maintain and I would hope to be a supportive element in this process.