Is the AAT qualification the best one for me?

We recommend the AAT qualification – here’s why:

If you want an accounting technician qualification, or a bookkeeping qualification or a stepping stone to become a Chartered Accountant – then we would recommend undertaking an AAT qualification.

However, we would say that wouldn’t we!!

It’s what we offer.

We offer AAT qualifications because:

  • We have reviewed the alternative bookkeeping and technician level qualifications and we believe that the AAT qualification has the most street cred in the market place.
  • Our employer base recognises it much more than they do the alternative technician level qualfications.

    It was what they will place in their job ads as the desired qualification.

    Many employers will use it as a stepping stone for new staff to prove themselves before investing in any subsequent Chartered Accountancy training.

“The AAT Accounting Qualification is greatly respected in the financial industry, and is designed to give students all the practical skills they need to build a career in finance.

AAT qualifications are globally recognised, and are generally considered prerequisites for several accountancy positions. They can be studied regardless of age, experience or previous qualifications, so are perfect for anyone seriously considering a career in the accounting sector.

What’s more, employers including the NHS, HMV and Procter and Gamble have all successfully used AAT qualifications to help their employees develop their accounting skills, cementing AAT’s position as industry-leaders when it comes to accountancy.”
(Jobs and recruitment)

You can read more about what is included in each AAT qualification, on our courses page here