"We help aspirational people to improve their career prospects by gaining an AAT qualification which will help to secure a professional job in the finance industry"





Check out our AAT Pass Rates

Accountancy Learning 97%
AAT National Average 85%

Level 2 Foundation

Accountancy Learning 92%
AAT National Average 67%

Level 3 Advanced

Accountancy Learning 91%
AAT National Average 59%

Level 4 Professional

  • Starting out on an accountancy career?
  • Want formal recognition for your current role in accounts?
  • Looking to change careers?
  • Want to set up your own freelance bookkeeping business?

Whatever your reason, you will want someone to champion you and your qualification. 

For the last 2 years, the AAT have recognised US as their champion training provider. 

AAT Champion Award 2017 and 2018

Let us show you how we can champion YOU